There is a prevalent type of experienced driver who looks fast but isn’t. People categorize then as “over drivers” but in most cases they are going under the actual limit of the cars maximum cornering speed …but they are somehow sliding. It sounds a bit irrational because the car only slides at the limit right(?). Not exactly, the actual point of great driving is to raise the limit of the car by manipulating its balance therefore the car really has a variable limit depending of the ability of the driver.


The slow but scary driver (or inducer) lacks the finesse (and often patience) to really seek out the actual limit, they just make the car slide when they “feel” they are at the limit. They do so with more abrupt than is ideal inputs. A good example of this to visualize is a drifter initiating a slide using a hydraulic handbrake or a quick little (Scandinavian) flick to initiate the oversteer. That’s an extreme example but it makes the point. You have to ask yourself, are you patient enough to find the real limit, the perfectly balanced limit where the car slides purely from excessive speed and not from a driver induced slide?


The line between the two is pretty fine which is perhaps why it is fairly prevalent, I even sometimes catch myself playing this game especially in the first couple of laps, building tire temp and confidence and in that context it’s (just) OK but it needs to as quickly as possible disappear, replaced by actual knowledge producing real finesse at the true limit (and the flow that results).


There are appropriate times to induce a slide but only for emergencies as an avoidance maneuver or even a spin when that might be the best option. It’s a spur of the moment, making the best of a bad situation decision. Even then it is less than ideal, finesse even in those moments will yield better results.


That is the trick, have the knowledge to minimize the chance of having to ever induce a slide from the car. Know it’s balance so intimately that you are always making finesse balance adjustments at the true limit. You can imagine the nightmare of engineers trying to set up a car around an inducer, don’t make slow look scary, it might seem spectacular to the untrained eye but the poor results will be obvious to everyone.